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About Kings Cross Physiotherapy & Our Associate Practices


We have been established since 1997, originally known as The Bloomsbury Health Centre. We are a multi-disciplinary health centre offering various therapies although our main work is with Osteopathic treatments. We are located in Judd Street, in the heart of London, only 5 minutes’ walk from Kings Cross St Pancras stations.


All our practitioners are university graduates with excellent professional record. We have treated more than 10,000 patients and a sample of our testimonials speak for themselves.

We offer a variety of complementary and conventional treatments. Currently we offer; Osteopathy, Herbal Medicine (western), Massage therapies, Acupuncture, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Fitness / Personal training, consultation with orthopaedic surgeon.


Our associate practice located at: 97 Judd Street, London, offers Physiotherapy and Pilates. We are also able to refer you medical investigations such as full blood screens, imaging such as ultrasound, X-rays, MRI Scans and other investigations. We can also produce full insurance reports for litigation purposes.

Our associate practice: www.bloomsbury-osteopathy.co.uk

If you would further information: info@kingscrossphysio.co.uk


We have a wealth of specially designed exercises available on our associate website, free to access. 

click here to access 

We are proud to have a team of highly rated therapist providing first class pesonal care.

Please check our independent Google testimonials.

We would like to inform all our clients that we have reopened our practice and offering a limited form of service. In order to operate safely, we have implemented strict hygiene measures. These measures are intended to protect both our clients and our practitioners. These include:

  • Clients must be healthy and free of symptoms to be treated.

  • On arrival we will measure your temperature and if greater than 37.5c will not be able to treat you.

  • Clients are encouraged to wear a face mask. If we have sufficient stock, we will provide you one.

  • Practitioners will wear face masks & gloves during treatments.

  • Clinical rooms, door handles, examination and treatment equipment will be disinfected between clients.

  • A 30 min gap will be placed between clients to spray and disinfect the rooms.

  • There will be only one person at a time in the reception area.

  • Single-use cups will be used in the practice.

  • If you are having any of the massage therapies we would appreciate bringing your own towel. If this is not possible we will provide you with one.

  • For the time being we require all our clients to submit a Coronavirus Status Declaration form. Please email the completed form or bring it along. If you are not able to print this will provide you with a copy when you arrive.

The Coronavirus declaration form can be completed on your arrival or you can access the form on our sister website: CORONAVIRUS FORM

Providing you with the best therapists and doctors for high quality healthcare

Andreas Syrimis


Western herbalist

Medical publisher & lecturer

Founder and principal of the Bloomsbury practices

Johanna Fuller.jpg
Johanna Fuller


Remedial massage specialist

Pantelis Xenophontos.jpg
Pantelis Xenophontos


Medical Acupuncturist

Alexandru Lupu-3.jpg
Alexandru Lupu

HCPC, MCSP (Physiotherapist & remedial massage therapist)

Charlie Henry-Jones.jpg
Charlie Henry-Jones

Senior Osteopath

Fitness Instructor

Victoria Kerns.jpg
Victoria Kerns

Arvigo Abdominal Therapist

Marta pastucha2.jpg
Marta Pastucha


Ivan Povkh.jpg
Ivan Povkh

Masseur Specialist

Physical Rehab Specialist

Dr George Ampat.jpg
Dr George Ampat

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon